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Fund Details

British Virgin Islands
Minimum investment: 50.000 EUR
Minimum additional investment: 5.000 EUR
Entry fee: max. 1.9% of entry investment
Management fee: max. 1.2% p.a.
Performance fee:

- 10% from the increase of net asset value less than 10% but more or equal to 5% above the highest level maximum („High-Water Mark“)
- 20% from the  increase of net asset value more or equal to 10% above the highest level maximum („High-Water Mark“)

Type of „Hurdle Rate“:
Amount of „Hurdle Rate“: 5%
Early withdrawal fee: 5% of book value in case of redemption within the first 36 months (fee will be divide between staying shareholder)
Fund structure: Open Ended Investment Company
Liquidity: 15 days (redemption only on the first day of calendar month)
Investment advisor:
Capital & Project Management, Inc.
Legal representation:
Capital Management Services Group, Inc.
Main broker: Interactive Brokers, LLC.
Main bank:
Tatrabanka, a.s.