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Why to invest in SHF

  • Active portfolio management
    •  investment decisions are executed based on historical events examination, fundaments and rational facts by using knowledge of many centuries of financial markets operation
    •  application of the most latest approaches (genetic algorithms, automated systems) together with proven analytical procedures tested by long history
  • Great emphasis on maintaining the values for the long-term investor by value strategies and low fees
  • International team specialized in risk management
  • More than 10 years of active experience with crisis investment management
  • Selective investing into fundamentally strongest sectors
  • Low-fee structure compared to sector standards for maintaining values for investors
  • Located in a zero tax jurisdiction
  • „High Water Mark“ – sharing the investor`s profit only from returns above the historically reached maximum
  • High personal engagement of the fund managers – property of the client is managed together with majority of manager`s personal property
  • Higher than average long term returns against the market